Lyssna och njut!

I don´t know what to expect,
It feels empty quite and lonely,
Thank you for the time we have had,
And thanks to all the things that you said,
You always made me so glad,

like a mother you cared about my feelings,
like a father you stood by my side,
like a sister you gave me some good advice,
like a brother you always made me smile,
together we were like young and wild

Now you are,
My angel in the sky,
I miss you every night,
In heaven you belong,
You are the best part in this song,
Please come home

I guess it was time for you,
To move on, no it can´t be true,
That I will not been able to give,
All the love that you deserved,
Why aren´t you here in this world

Now you are, my angel in the sky....

I think of you everyday,
The same question in my head, why didn´t you stay

Now you are, my angel in the sky....

Postat av: carrieman

gud vad duktig han är!:D naturbegåvning?;) har han gjort låten själv tro?

2010-06-28 @ 16:32:07

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